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    Cafè - Bistrot - Wine Bar

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    Cafè - Bistrot - Wine Bar

    Roma - Axa Casal Palocco Infernetto
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NERO.lab - Cafè Bistrot Wine Bar

Nero.lab is a new concept in the food scene: we wanted to create ambiance of quality but with an informal feel, where people can meet at all hours of the day: 

For breakfast in the morning, for an aperitif , or a snack, and of course, for the lunch or dinner.


Nero.lab stands as a fusion and revolutionary change in catering by, offering a table service as if it were a classic bistro but at reasonable prices like those of a fast-food restaurant, all while keeping the highest quality of its’ dishes unchanged.   

The format designed by Nero.lab offers its customers the opportunity to consume tasty preparations, at any time of the day. 

In the morning Nero.lab offers itself as a European style coffee shop, offering an array of artisan pastry shop with stuffed croissants, cakes and homemade desserts. 

At lunch is when Nero.lab turns into a real bistro, presenting full and gourmet menus. In keeping with the Roman tradition, we offer traditional first courses and a number of second courses, salads, sandwiches, and much more for those coming in for a quick bite. 

In the evening the Nero.Lab is transformed once again, becoming the most exclusive bistros in the area of Infernetto-Axa-Casal Palocco. The menu that is presented to our customers for dinner is unique in taste and also unique in presentation. It ranges from the most classic dishes in Italian cuisine, to the most typical and classic Roman ones. Due to this versatility in our concept, Nero.lab, is able to offer our customers a unique gastronomic experience.

Nero Lab

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